Sharon Seville FIRP

Job title: Operations Director

Tel: 01613593111


My passion is service delivery and a strong emphasis on the ‘people’ that make our business what it is (meaning; clients, candidates and consultants)

Having worked tirelessly within recruitment for the last 20 odd years, I have to say I still love it as much now as I did once I ‘found my footing’ back in the day. (Let’s face it, it’s hard to master this job and certainly doesn’t happen overnight!)

I have worked with global corporations right through to micro businesses and everything in between and spent my first 9 years supporting the temp blue collar marketplace. Then with some clever foresight from my then Operations Manager, I moved over to a secondment on Commercial Perms and quite frankly, never looked back!

For me, recruitment is a lost art. People are what matter. People make businesses better. People create and inspire opportunities and ultimately, people are the ones that turn your Picasso into a masterpiece that is valued and valuable. Ergo, if we, as recruiters, bother to really understand what a person wants, don’t we stand a better chance of getting it for them?

We have a modern agency here at F1rst Commercial that has a traditional approach to recruitment that makes all the difference to those that value what we offer…. Good jobs for good people who we have met, understood, have good skills, the right attitude and we believe we can support. A win/win for all participants

Outside of work I have a Son, a cat called ‘Batman’ (Not my idea and not my cat!) and enjoy a new found love of cooking (I’m getting better by the….month!!) and shoes. (what can I say!) There is nothing that I particularly dislike… with the exception of taking the cat to the vet and waiting for his name to be called out! (Oh the joys of allowing your child to name his pet!)

Kelly Gilmartin

Job title: Recruitment Consultant

Tel: 01613593111


After working in sales for ten years and two years running my own business, I know how important matching the right person to the right job is, which has lead me to starting my career in recruitment.

Working in sales for so long, I have sold everything from advertising to sunbed creams but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for people. What I love about working in recruitment is that it allows me to make the most of this passion by getting to know people and companies and then becoming adept at matching them to each other.

I’m the eldest of five so a busy and loud environment is second nature to me! I’ve also become expert at balancing the needs of lots of people. When I’m not doing this, I’m often out with friends or showing off pictures of my beautiful nephew.

I love baking… if it’s your birthday hints are often heard.

I dislike burpees… it’s often an argument between me and my trainer.

Fun fact: I did 6 bungee jumps in 2 years and I’m scared of heights! (but clearly like a challenge!)

Rebecca Bell

Job title: Talent Acquisition Support

Tel: 01613593111


I joined F1rst commercial following the completion of my degree in Criminology from the University of Huddersfield. My experience at University was amazing and getting a first in my dissertation definitely made all the hard work (and tears) worth it! Even though recruitment wasn’t a career I had considered before, I feel it has been a good match for me as I enjoy helping people change their lives invariably for the better and there is a fantastic job satisfaction that goes with the role.

The best part about being a resourcer is that I get to speak to so many interesting people on a daily basis whilst broadening my knowledge of all the job roles and industries I am currently recruiting for. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped somebody secure a job role that is going to progress their career in the future. Of course it’s not as easy as you think and there are days when the job becomes incredibly hard but you have to take the good with the bad in this job!

In my spare time I love going out to bars and restaurants and trying different types of food in places I have never been before. I also “try” to go to the gym 3 times a week; my next aim is to be able to run the 5K race for Life next year in memory of someone very special to me. I would also love to start baking lots of little treats, however I feel this may conflict with my gym efforts!

Ilana Kaye

Job title: Business Services Supervisor

Tel: 01613593111


My background is in Economics. As a recent first class graduate from the University of Leeds, I am intrigued by the fast paced, potentially uncertain jobs market. Having grown up in Manchester – a city I love – I was quietly excited at the prospect of moving home. Meeting and engaging with new people, as well as exploring what makes them tick has fascinated me ever since studying Psychology at A level. As such, recruitment, a dynamic and people focused industry, seemed the perfect choice.

A huge aspect of my role as Talent Acquisition Support is resourcing. Essentially, my aim is to find good jobs for good people. I am driven by ensuring an excellent candidate is able to secure their ideal job. The satisfaction you gain from knowing you have helped an individual achieve success is unrivalled.

Outside of work, my family and friends are hugely important to me. Amongst my tight knit circle, we love trying out new bars and restaurants in the city centre, Chorlton or West Didsbury area. As a huge foodie and recent pescetarian convert, I also love to cook. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and flavours, as well as baking. I definitely hope I will get back into fitness now that I am home and settled… and eventually get back round to joining the gym (!)

Evie Marsh

Job title: Talent Acquisition Support

Tel: 01613593111


I am currently studying a Spanish degree at The University of Leeds and have just returned home from a placement year in Spain. I was based in a small rural town called Cuéllar teaching English in a secondary school. A secondary school that just so happened to be inside a 13th century castle… yes, it’s as good as it sounds!

Whilst in Spain I applied for a summer placement at F1rst Commercial Recruitment and was officially welcomed as a new member of the team at the start of June. My role in the office is to support the administrative functions for the team and help find talented candidates for all the wonderful jobs FCR have!

In my spare time I love visiting new places and trying out new food. My year abroad has really given me a taste for travelling and at the end of my placement here at FCR I am going to go ‘interrailling’ for a month around Europe before returning to university to finish the final year of my degree. Maybe if I play my cards right, I’ll be back! Hasta la vista!!

Kerry Sammons

Job title: Recruitment Administrator

Tel: 01613593111


I have worked within accounts and customer service throughout my career and absolutely love it! I find nothing better than dealing with the general public and providing them with fantastic customer service and going the extra mile as the ‘norm’.

Earlier in my career I trained to be an accountant but decided I wanted to broaden my people contact. As it happens, F1rst Commercial found my CV online and contacted me whilst I lived in Middlesbrough but was looking to move back to Stockport once I had a job. They were really keen to speak with me and then meet me, which was great and they explained the job here in great detail. At the time I thought ‘can I do this?’ because I had never worked within the recruitment industry before and it seemed quite challenging. I told myself I could and they believed in me too so I went for it. From then on the role has indeed been challenging as there are so many aspects to it but it’s thoroughly enjoyable too and there is nothing better than seeing candidates find their ‘dream jobs’ with the help of an amazing team here at F1rst Commercial!

Outside of work I have a little girl who is my world. I love nothing more than doing fun things with her and watching her grow and develop into an amazing, strong independent little girl (bias I know)