Skills shortage is biggest drag on UK business

A survey of 7,000 UK businesses by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has found that a shortage of skilled workers is reaching “critical levels,” with significant numbers of firms finding it difficult to recruit suitably qualified staff. Recruitment difficulties in the services sector, which accounts for four-fifths of UK economic output, have never been […]

Employees rate their bosses

Considering it’s a known fact that people stay in companies because of people, and people leave companies because of people, it’s surprising why more companies don’t look towards management when staff turnover is high.  The report in the Wall Street Journal is indicative of this very fact.  More businesses should be brave enough to ‘rate […]

Report on Jobs – November 2017

In the run up to Christmas FCR (F1rst Commercial Recruitment) wanted to give you an early present. So here it is… our summary of November’s ‘Report on Jobs’ by the UK Labour Market. As always, we think it’s important to share the most recent findings with you, whether you’re a candidate or an employer, so that […]

AI sector ‘needs more brain power’

Interesting news for those deciding what route to take for future careers…. People may worry that robots are coming for their jobs – but the companies making the bots are struggling to find qualified employees, reports the BBC. According to analysis from jobs site Indeed, there are at least twice as many jobs in artificial […]