Living longer: How our population is changing and why it matters

Download our latest report on the ageing population and why it matters to businesses and future generations Living longer-How our population is changing and why it matters Age should never be an issue in today’s working world. The right cultural fit and capability are what can make great employees. If decisions to hire are based […]

Laws which come into effect on 1st April

As from April 2019, there are some changes taking place that are worth you knowing that could make a financial difference to you and your bank balance; not necessarily in a bad way either!  In a nutshell, here is what’s changing: National Minimum Wage is increasing – Both the National Living Wage (NLW) and National Minimum […]

Milestones: journeying into adulthood

Interesting stats from the ONS about moving from adolescence into adulthood and the modern markers that have changed over the years.  In a nutshell: 18 Adulthood 19 Starting full time work 23 Moving out of your parents home 27 Moving in with partner 29 Having a baby 32 Getting married 34 Owning your own home You […]

Reluctant Talent

The latest REC and KMPG UK Jobs report for January 2019 shows the sharpest fall in candidate supply since 2013. This, coupled with high employment rates amongst permanent staff, also reflects a reluctance among people wanting to move jobs amid Brexit uncertainty. What does that mean for businesses in sectors where growing new markets and […]