Recruitment Outlook Report – December 2023

F1rst Commercial Recruitment report on jobs for April 2021

As we embark on 2024, reflecting on the end-of-year data for the jobs market provides insight into the trends that will help shape hiring decisions. While the economic climate was charged and uncertain in 2023, creating ripples of concern, the UK jobs market has proven strong and resilient. It’s a similar picture as we head […]

Christmas opening hours

Merry Christmas everyone and here’s to a 2024 full of promise and opportunity! Thank you for being part of our story this year and thank you for trusting us with your future work needs.  We know we can’t help everyone but those we meet face to face, we will always do what we can to […]

National recognition by Financial Times

F1rst Commercial Recruitment

The Financial Times has recognised F1rst Commercial Recruitment as a Leading UK Recruiter for 2024! We’re thrilled to be able to share this news. Yes, it’s a wonderful pat on the back for our team, but it matters to our clients too. The awards, and being placed on a list of just 154 recruiters (out […]

Looking for a new job? Choose your recruitment agency based on the agency’s relationship with employers

At F1rst Commercial Recruitment, employers trust us. There’s one core stat that explains that: we’ve got a 100% success rate at filling their jobs. Why? Because they get excellent choice of potential employee and the candidate, they choose both understands and wants the job opportunity and know that it’s a good company to work for. […]

How do you take the next step in building your career in office support?


Building a career in office support can be challenging, as it’s often seen as a relatively flat career path with limited opportunities for advancement. However, with the right mindset and approach, there are plenty of ways to take the next step in your career and achieve your professional goals. Indeed, it’s not unusual for those […]

To hybrid or not to hybrid: which working style suits you best?

Hang out on LinkedIn for a while and you’ll sense a rumbling of mounting pressure amongst employers for workers to get back into the office full time. It seems that many employers would prefer the one-size-fits-all approach. That makes sense – it’s easier to manage. But in reality, the days of everyone in the office […]

Is imposter syndrome hindering your job hunt and career?

Imposter syndrome is a common feeling experienced by many job candidates, especially in the competitive UK job market. It’s a feeling of inadequacy, a sense that you don’t belong, or that you’re not as good as other candidates. It’s a common state of play, with nearly 40% of UK workers experiencing some level of imposter […]

Young people are approaching workplace challenges differently


We’re likely yet to learn more about the impact of the pandemic years on individuals in many ways, including as workers. Recent research has revealed that there’s already a notable difference in how younger workers do things. Most specifically, fuelled by remote and hybrid working, they are turning to friends for work-related advice over their line managers and even colleagues.