Recruitment Outlook Report – July 2022

F1rst Commercial Recruitment report on jobs for April 2021

Economic uncertainty is starting to impact recruitment data with the slowest increases in permanent placements for 17 months. Bear in mind this is on the back of unsustainable growth following the pandemic bounce back. As such, it’s not a bleak picture and the broadly positive trends we’ve seen continue, with good opportunities for candidates. As […]

The gap between what employees want and what they get

When it comes to the gap between what employees are looking for and what employers actually provide, does it really matter? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ on both sides, for both employee’s wellbeing and career growth, as well as for the employer’s productivity and the bottom line. Yet recent research in the 2022 Tivian […]

Jobs Outlook Report – May 2022

F1rst Commercial Recruitment report on jobs for April 2021

The news on the ground remains that it is an excellent time to be looking for a job with vacancies continuing to rise month on month. It’s a tougher picture for employers. They need to work closely with expert recruitment businesses to find the right candidates in a time of record low unemployment and high […]

How to successfully apply for a job when you are overqualified

There are many reasons why you may wish to apply for a job where you are overqualified. However, usually it only applies to a small percentage of job seekers. At the moment, that minority has swelled, as workers who took early retirement during the pandemic are looking for ways back into the workplace, without the […]

Jobs Outlook Report – April 2022

F1rst Commercial Recruitment report on jobs for April 2021

As we near the halfway mark for the year, the overriding story of the 2022 jobs market is that it is tight. All data from the latest REC Report on Jobs underlines the same key headlines we’ve seen for months now. Against a backdrop of inflation rising 6.2% in the year to March 2022, different […]

Now is a great time to come back into the labour market from retirement

As I’ve mentioned several times and as touted and seen everywhere, there are notable candidate shortages at the moment. In short, there aren’t enough people to fill the job vacancies we have. There are many reasons why this is, but one which has largely been overlooked is quite unique. During the pandemic, larger numbers of […]

Jobs Outlook Report – March 2022

F1rst Commercial Recruitment report on jobs for April 2021

The labour market is tight, and there’s currently no let up. As Claire Warnes, Head of Education, Skills and Productivity at KPMG commented, in relation to the latest REC Report on Jobs: “There’s no end in sight to the deep-seated workforce challenge facing the UK economy. Once again this month, job vacancies are increasing while […]