F1rst-Commercial-Recruitment-New-Career-PathBig changes are happening in recruitment circles: jobs are firing back up again, employers are dusting off their interview questions, and finally career moves can happen once more. However, the landscape has changed. It’s changed in such a way that it’s fair to say that you’re going to have to take a completely fresh approach to your career and potential job moves.

The saying goes: doing what you’ve always done will give you what you’ve always got. The premise was that if you were a bit dissatisfied with anything, you needed to switch up what you’re doing to change the future. Now, we’ll go further and say: doing what you’ve always done won’t work anymore.

So, how can you approach your career differently in order to thrive in this new landscape?

1.     Change track

The biggest change of all may be to completely change track and shift into another industry altogether. Whilst hospitality is bouncing back reasonably, retail is dragging a ball and chain, and there are many other industries which won’t ever look the same again.

The trick is to identify how you can hop over onto a different pathway. You’ll be surprised at how possible this may be. Look at your skills realistically and consider how they can be transferred, as well as identifying where the gaps are.

Even before coronavirus came along, it was a rare thing for the modern worker to stay committed to one career path for life. The way now is to have multiple career trajectories. Where will your next path take you?

2.     Broaden your skills

Closely aligned to our first point, the most successful individuals are now those with the broadest skill sets. Yes, deep skill knowledge matters in certain ways, but right now, of greater importance is skill dexterity. There’s no room for the jobs worth in the modern employment arena.

You should feel comfortable developing your skills more broadly, outside of the traditional parameters of your job role. The last year has shown us that those who were able to step beyond the confines of their job description, according to the needs of the moment, are those who excel, and are ready positioned for when opportunities come.

3.     Individual motivation  

Whilst there is a gradual shifting of workers back into the workplace, we know that the remote working situation of the last year has changed things permanently. Employers are recruiting new employees within this context. Many employers are intending to use remote work more consistently going forwards.

Therefore, to be attractive to employers, you need to be able to demonstrate attractiveness as a remote worker. Within this is the ability to remain individually motivated and committed to the goals of the organisation, whilst working off site. Additionally, individual resourcefulness and IT knowledge are important here too.

4.     Partner with the right support

It’s fair to say that the jobs market is pretty candidate heavy at the moment. For every vacancy listed, employers are receiving hundreds of applications. It’s tough for candidates to get noticed.

You need to be known for your own individual potential and that’s not going to happen if all you are doing is sending off your CV into the ether. It’s time to partner with the recruitment services that have successfully weathered the last year. Find out more about being a F1rst Commercial candidate and how we can help.

It’s time to shake things up, with confidence. It could lead you to an even better future.