Click onto a news site and you’ll be bombarded with doom and gloom about the impact of COVID-19 on the jobs market. Talks of a double-dip recession, growing unemployment which now stands at 4.9%, and record redundancies, is enough to give any job seeker the heebie jeebies.

We’ll allow you just a moment of throwing your arms in the air and then it’s time to put your head down and focus on the fact that there are jobs out there and you still have options. You just need to know how to job hunt effectively in a radically different landscape.

Here are our top tips on how to job hunt effectively in the pandemic.

Top tips for job hunting in 2021

1.     Head online

It sounds obvious but job hunting in now absolutely centred online in a way it never has been before. From graduate job fairs to interviews, expect to be savvy when it comes to being an online job seeker. That means it doesn’t matter what role you’re looking for, your computer literacy skills need to be top-notch.

2.     Showcase your flexibility

Right now, whatever job you apply for, it’s time to show that you handle change like a boss. Demonstrate that your mindset is flexible and you can deliver even when the world around you changes. If you can demonstrate how you adapted positively to the pandemic, professionally speaking and despite its challenges, that’s a great start.

3.     Communicate like you mean it

Employers are looking to communication skills more than ever. They want to see that candidates can adapt their communication to still be effective, no matter the communication channel. Whether it’s how you come across in video calls, behind a mask to customers, or in the written word, you need to make sure you’re the best.

4.     Your lockdown CV

If you were furloughed before job seeking or have been made redundant then your CV needs to showcase the new skills you’ve acquired and how you’ve developed since your last employment. You may now have an immaculate garden and delight in your daily home baking, but you need to show that you used this opportunity proactively work-wise. There have been heaps of free and low cost courses available, so no excuses!

5.     Use a recruiter and build that relationship

Employers are finding things tough too and this is a whole new ball game for them. As such, they are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies to navigate hiring in these times. They may also aim to bring on board personnel temporarily until they feel more secure about making a long-term commitment. As such, you need to pick your recruitment agency and build a good relationship with them so that you are being put forward for the right roles.

6.     Broaden your horizons

Let’s face it – if you’ve been working in events or hospitality, chances are you need to open your mind to other options. Think about the skills you’ve got and how they are transferrable. Highlight these on your CV and make it easy for future employers to imagine how you can make the change.

7.     Be patient

Patience is a virtue and you’re going to need it. Coronavirus is messing with timelines left, right and centre. If you’re waiting on a follow-up, give a little more time before you swing back into action. What’s more, there are more candidates for fewer roles. Sit tight and keep trying and your time will come.

Check out our Advice Centre and make sure that you’re in fabulous shape as a job seeker and we hope that this helps to show you how to job hunt effectively in the pandemic.