At F1rst Commercial Recruitment, employers trust us. There’s one core stat that explains that: we’ve got a 100% success rate at filling their jobs. Why? Because they get excellent choice of potential employee and the candidate, they choose both understands and wants the job opportunity and know that it’s a good company to work for. But why does this matter to you as a candidate looking to choose a recruitment agency?

The recruitment agency you choose is vital

Choosing a recruitment agency as a job seeker is a pivotal decision in your career journey. It’s not just about landing any job; it’s about finding the right job that aligns with your skills, capabilities, and long-term goals.

But judging a recruitment agency, and whether they will work with you in the right way, is a tall order as a candidate. Beyond the vibe and the jobs they have advertised, looking to the relationship they have with employers is insightful. Let’s explain.

1.     Access to the best job opportunities

Recruitment agencies with strong relationships with employers are often the first to learn about job openings. Employers who trust an agency are more likely to share their job vacancies exclusively with them, ensuring that candidates connected to the agency have access to a broader range of quality job opportunities. If they’ve had success before, they are bound to come back. This is particularly important in office support roles like accountancy, customer service and administration where jobs come up relatively often.

2.     Employers value the recommendations they get from trusted agencies

Employers who have built trust in a recruitment agency tend to take their recommendations seriously. When you apply for a position through a reputable agency, employers will view your application with a more favourable perspective, knowing that the agency has already done some legwork on interviewing and assessing your ‘fit’, beyond the piece of paper that is your CV.

3.     Increased chances of landing your dream job!

Recruitment agencies with strong employer relationships tend to have a higher success rate in matching candidates with suitable positions. The agency’s understanding of the employer’s needs and company culture can significantly increase the chances of a successful job placement for candidates. They aren’t just working with a basic job description – they have up-close knowledge of what it’s really like on-the-ground in the workplace.

4.     Employer commitment to candidates

Employers who have had positive experiences with a recruitment agency are more likely to be committed to the candidates they hire through that agency. As an employer, finding a recruitment agency that always comes up trumps is often hard work. As such, they want to keep a good relationship with the agency going forwards. In the process, they are committed to you as the successful candidate.

5.     Long term success

When employers trust a recruitment agency to provide them with top talent, the candidates they select tend to be highly valued and considered integral to the company’s success. This often translates into more job stability, career advancement opportunities, and long-lasting employment relationships for candidates. They’ve deeply committed to the recruitment process, and this means they are committed to you in your role.

As you can see, as a job seeker, you want to ensure that your chosen recruitment agency has a strong, trustworthy relationship with employers. At F1rst Commercial Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our ability to foster and maintain these strong relationships which in turn benefit you. Our success is not only measured by the number of vacancies filled but by the lasting, mutually beneficial connections we create between candidates and employers.

In your journey to find the right job and build a successful career, choosing a recruitment agency with an exceptional track record of trust and success is a critical step. And that’s where F1rst Commercial Recruitment comes in. Get in touch on 0161 359 3111.