To hybrid or not to hybrid: which working style suits you best?

Hang out on LinkedIn for a while and you’ll sense a rumbling of mounting pressure amongst employers for workers to get back into the office full time. It seems that many employers would prefer the one-size-fits-all approach. That makes sense – it’s easier to manage. But in reality, the days of everyone in the office […]

Young people are approaching workplace challenges differently


We’re likely yet to learn more about the impact of the pandemic years on individuals in many ways, including as workers. Recent research has revealed that there’s already a notable difference in how younger workers do things. Most specifically, fuelled by remote and hybrid working, they are turning to friends for work-related advice over their line managers and even colleagues.

Hybrid working is here to stay

We often think of employers and employees as being on different sides of tug o’war. In the area of hybrid working, since lockdowns have ended, there’s been renewed jostling. On one hand employees want to keep the flexibility of the hybrid model and on the other, employers are encouraging employees back into the workplace. Indeed, […]

What is hybrid burnout and what can you do about it?

F1rst Commercial Recruitment What is Hybrid Burnout

Before we’d ever heard of Covid, many of us were always keen to move to a more flexible and hybrid working model. Hybrid working is a mixture of home and office working and is hanging around as the post-pandemic new normal. But now that it’s here for many, are we happy about it? There is […]