How to successfully apply for a job when you are overqualified

There are many reasons why you may wish to apply for a job where you are overqualified. However, usually it only applies to a small percentage of job seekers. At the moment, that minority has swelled, as workers who took early retirement during the pandemic are looking for ways back into the workplace, without the […]

Now is a great time to come back into the labour market from retirement

As I’ve mentioned several times and as touted and seen everywhere, there are notable candidate shortages at the moment. In short, there aren’t enough people to fill the job vacancies we have. There are many reasons why this is, but one which has largely been overlooked is quite unique. During the pandemic, larger numbers of […]

Why does working in the office benefit you?

Are you looking for a new job because you feel pressured to get back in the office? Whilst working from home in your yoga pants alongside your faithful hound has its appeal, have you stopped to think about the personal benefits to you of getting back into the office? Office life is changing, working practices […]

Do you need to do anything differently when applying for a hybrid job?

It’s the talk of the recruitment town; hybrid working is the buzz phrase that’s lingering in the post-pandemic jobs market. But what does it mean for the job seeker? Given that everyone is telling you that the power lies with the candidate at the moment, does it mean that you can simply ask and you […]

Life in the office in a Covid-orientated world

The last month has seen, and the months ahead of us will see, resurgence in workers returning to the office environment. But it’s not a linear line of simply returning to what went before. It feels as if every business is shaping its own new model of working. Some are incrementally increasing office-based days, some […]