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Right at the start of my journey with F1rst, I found my recruitment consultant ‘Sharon’ to be very engaging and friendly over the phone. The telephone interview was very in-depth, I also went into the office to discuss the role and go over my CV again. Sharon gave me some brilliant advice and interview prep ready for my first stage interview. This job went to second stage interview, and again I felt very supported with even more interview prep advice which I found very beneficial. I was offered the job I’m delighted to say and I can’t thank Sharon enough for all her help and advice!

Lisa H

Morning Kelly,

Thank you for everything that you've done over the past couple of months and for perservering, even when we had exhausted your full list of contacts!

I greatly appreciate everything that you have done and can't thank you enough.

Enjoy the rest of your day and the break from the 50 calls a day from me! Haha.

Many Thanks,


Emma T

It was a pleasure to meet Kelly and lovely dealing with her at F1rst Commercial Recruitment.
After 28 years at one place of work, job hunting could have been a truly daunting experience for me but thanks to her expertise and very helpful nature, I'm pleased to say that it was actually a very pleasant experience instead.
Right from the start I felt in good hands. Kelly understood my requirements and thoughtfully found me a position that she knew would suit immediately.
I would have no hesitation in using this agency again and would wholeheartedly recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to others.
Super service and great staff. Thank you Kelly.

Gail M

Hello Kerry 

Just a quick note to pass on my very sincere ‘thanks’ to you and Kelly Gilmartin for all that you have done to help me secure a 'dream job.' F1rst Commercial was professional right from the start. 

From our first meeting through to second interview with my new employer you have been supportive and responsive. I felt very comfortable with all that you have done on my behalf. 

I am delighted to have accepted the job and I appreciate the part you have played in helping me to secure it. 

Very many thanks 


Paul C

I contacted f1rst commercial regarding a position I was desperate to apply for as it met all the criteria I required in a new position. I received an almost immediate response and was quickly set up with a first stage interview with the consultant at f1rst. Following good feedback they secured me an interview with the company.

Although delighted, I was extremely nervous as this was only my second formal interview but the staff at f1rst commercial were absolutely amazing in the detailed advice and help with interview techniques which gave me the confidence to interview well. I am delighted to say I secured the post. F1rst commercial are an extremely thorough and professional recruitment agency and I cannot thank them enough

Liam G

What can I say about F1rst Commercial Recruitment. I've had the pleasure of dealing with many recruitment businesses in my pursuit of finding a new role and I can honestly say I've never met a more dedicated and enthusiastic team like Sharon and Kelly!!

Not only are they committed to working with me but they also deliver, of which I am now happy within my new dream role!!

They understand business, people, expectations for both parties involved and manage this with complete professionalism.

I personally believe the winning ingredient and what sets F1rst Commercial apart from the rest is the personal interaction and making me feel that we are in this pursuit together.

I'd just like to say a final big Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!!

Stuart W

I wanted to come back to you and say thank you because overall as a recruitment company you are a million times better than any of your competitors and if I ever look for a job again I will be coming straight to you guys!

All the best and many thanks

Gary H

When I started my search for a new job, I managed to get in contact with F1rst Commercial Recruitment. Two weeks later here I am, being offered a role at a fantastic company and starting in two weeks!

F1rst Commercial Recruitment are excellent recruiters, and I have been in contact with a good few bad ones over the years!

Sharon and Kelly know how much I love them already for everything they have done to help me secure this role.

Thanks again!!!

Lee J

Hi Ilana,

Hope you're well and still loving your work?

Maybe you heard already but I wanted to let you know that I officially signed my permanent contract with the company you placed me at today.

Yay! So happy!

Thanks once again to you and the lovely Sharon. I really couldn't have done it without you. :-)

Actually, I have been raving about you to my partner who is currently looking for work. I think he might email you about coming to register with you, hope that's okay? He has lots of experience in sales and events.

Anyway, all the best. I really am eternally grateful that you found me!


Kathleen M

Well what can I say apart from what a set of very organised and proactive members at F1rst.
They truly care about the future of their applicants and will not rest until they have successfully found a suitable match. A genuine rapport was built with the team and they made me feel extremely valuable and confident in my ability.
I would recommend F1rst to anyone.

Jonathan N

I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone at F1rst Commercial Recruitment.

After months of searching for a job it was a real Godsend to get phone call from Ilana about a position that really suited me. The additional help with my application from Ilana, Kelly and Sharon was amazing and I truly appreciate how personable and professional their approach is with their clients.

Easily the best agency I've dealt with and I would definitely recommend them.

Hamza B

Ilana at F1rst Commercial Recruitment has, as cliche as it sounds, changed my life!
She approached me when I was quite happy in my current position and I decided to have a chat. Not realising the potential of my experience and current work load, her friendly approach and professionalism helped me believe that I could achieve so much more and I was put forward for a job I didn't even believe I could get or deserved!!
The process was smooth with attention to detail at every step. I felt that she was always on my side, fighting my corner, even when facing counter offers from my current position after I actually got the job!
She didn't pressure me into making a decision with the new company by hard selling their positives but instead she had a friendly approach and reassured me that I needed to do what felt right for me.
There are so many recruiters out there who are hard sell, pushy sales people, only looking at how to make their next fee and having been within the industry myself I would recommend her to everyone!
She is an asset to the recruitment industry and is a credit to F1rst Commercial Recruitment!!
Thank you so much Ilana!!

Kind Regards

Tammy C

There is nothing bad I could possibly say about F1rst Commercial, I would of been lost without them. They gave fantastic advice just before every interview and was determined to find the right job for me - I don't think I could of gotten this job without them.

They won't just offer random jobs and send out your CV like a few agencies I've worked with, they go above and beyond to talk to the companies. After every interview they contacted the interviewers to see where I went wrong, did well or for things I could improve on before passing the information on to me. Fantastic staff - zero complaints.

I would highly recommend getting in contact with them if you're looking for a job!

Matthew R

Thanks very much Ilana - I'm still in a state of shock as you can probably imagine!

We'll be doing some serious celebrating tonight!

Thanks to you all for your help and advice.


Julie G

I'd like to thank Ilana and Kelly for finding me a job. I've never assigned myself to a job recruitment agency but I saw this post and thought it's worth taking a risk and applied.
I got a reply back from the agency the following day. I attended an informal interview with F1rst Commercial Recruitment. My requirements were carefully considered of which career I would like to pursue, you guys were very helpful and guided me in every step in attaining the job I applied for. Later, I had a practice interview with F1rst Commercial Recruitment just to get an idea of what job interviews were like as I've never been to one and didn't know what to expect.

Overall, I'm 100% satisfied with F1rst Commercial Recruitment and their approach as within 2 weeks I secured a job as a junior programmer.
Thank you Ilana and Kelly for supporting me, you were very helpful and I can say without a doubt that if I ever was to look for another job (hope not), I'd definitely give you guys a call back :)

Madiha P

Hi Ilana,

Thanks a lot for all the help from yourself, Kelly and Sharon. All really helpful throughout particularly with the interview prep!


Joshua T

Hi Ilana,

I'm really pleased to have got the job, can't wait to get started. The staff that I have met have all been great and they are all really positive about the direction in which the company is heading, so I think it's a great place to be.

Thank you so much for your help over the past week or so. Yourself and Sharon have been great in helping me secure this position. It's certainly been a very quick turnaround since we met last Thursday!

Thanks again,


Tim P

I have worked with many recruitment agencies in the past and have had some mixed experiences. However on this occasion I worked with Ilana who I can honestly say treated me remarkably well.
Ilana has been a pleasure to work with, she is lovely girl and is also exceptionally good at her job. She understood my job requirements perfectly and then professionally kept me up to date with the progress of my application. Upon preparation for my interview she provided me with appropriate help and advice - she really is an asset to F1rst Commercial Recruitment.

Take care and have a good Christmas!


Tim H

Hi Sharon

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping me to find my new job, yesterday was my first day and I'm pleased to say it is exactly what I've been looking for. The position matches my previous experience and skills perfectly and I think I'm going to be very happy there. Thank you to you and the team for your guidance and I will definitely be recommending you to any one who is looking for work.

Kind regards


Claire C

Hi Ilana,

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for somehow picking out my CV, that was surely floating deep at the bottom of an ocean when you came across it. Since we first spoke, I had feedback from a couple of agencies that my CV completely SUCKED, and didn't portray my achievements or personality in a positive way at all. So I spent ten hours completely re-working it last Monday, and looking back, I genuinely have no idea how you managed to pick me out in its former state!

Anyway, as a result of your super sleuthing, I had a really good interview with your client and have just been offered the job!

As you can imagine, I'm completely and utterly made up, but I simply wouldn't even have had the opportunity to meet the guys without your help, and I can't thank you enough for the huge part you played in landing me a really decent job with an excellent company.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Jason T

Hi Rebecca,

Hope you are well. Sorry for getting back to you so late. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you have a super career too! :) Here is my testimonial below.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sharon and Rebecca for getting me my new role. I would highly recommend F1rst Commercial to anyone looking for a new role. Rebecca was very friendly and was there for me through the whole process, making sure I was always up to date with the status of my application.

I was very surprised at the high level of service I received since I haven't had this from past recruiters.

Rebecca seemed to genuinely care about what I wanted and helping me find the right role for me. I cannot thank her enough.

I have been at my new job for almost a month and it is everything that I asked for. I would definitely use F1rst Commercial again if I find myself looking for new roles (which hopefully won't be anytime soon!) and I have even recommended them to my friends!

Kindest regards


Helen H

I am so pleased with the service that was provided to me by F1rst Commercial.

Sharon really did go that extra mile to help me find the perfect job role, which I am pleased to say I will be starting on Monday. 

I would definitely recommend Sharon and the team and I can honestly say that after using a lot of recruiters in the past, these are the best by far. 

Thank you for all your help

Liz W

Hey Sharon

Thanks so much for getting me this job. Application process was quick and painless and you really listened to me and what i wanted from a job.

Now looking forward to start my new job.


Tom S

Hi Sharon

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help securing my new position.

All the team are so helpful and friendly and always get back to you when they say they will.

The whole process was painless and I would tell anyone to give you a call to register with you as it was a genuine pleasure dealing with you all.

Beverley W

Hi there Sharon,

Thanks so much for getting me this job. It was exactly what I was looking for and the application progress was quick and painless.

I am now in my first week and loving it!


Eleanor B

Thanks all, your help has been much appreciated. I can only give good reviews and recommendations for F1rst Commercial and please be assured of my highest regards.

Mayowa O

Afternoon Jade.

I wanted to thank you for all your help and support in the past few weeks - you have simply been amazing and I strongly believe you are the best recruiter I have dealt with.

I wish you lots of success in the future and a very Merry Christmas to your staff and, above all, to you and your family.

May 2016 be a good and happy year for you all.

Helen S

I really appreciate what yourself and Emma have done for me at f1rst commercial recruitment.

The role at your clients site (my new employer) as a Project Engineer is a perfect match in terms of competencies. It was just a case of which candidate they liked through the interview.

I appreciate the speed at which this process worked. I was approached by phone one week, in an interview the following week and then had feedback on my success at the start of this week.

Whenever I called up for information, I was given this even if Emma was't available. This does stand out from the rest and its exactly what candidates want.

Thanks again for your very professional and straight forward service.

I am really looking forward to my first day. They have already made contact with me, welcoming me aboard and asking for documents to be completed in advance of the first day.

Best regards

Gary J

Dear James,

I would like to thank you for your work and efforts in pointing me towards my new career.

I used a total of 6 agencies to promote my experience and ability and above all you were the most professional and attentive to my career needs and wants.

I would not hesitate in passing your detail to anyone looking for a fresh challenge.

Best Regards and thank you again

David K

Thank you very much for the congratulations. I would not have gotten this job without the valuable help of Emma who has been very supportive throughout the entire process.

Of course I will be recommending you in the future. It has been a pleasure.

Best Regards

Carla E


I would like to say a massive thank you to Emma Harrison for her confidence in me and patience with the final decision of the job I went for.

I can now follow my dream career all thanks to my hard work and the hard work of f1rst commercial recruitment.

Kind regards

Amy S

I'd like to say that every member of the team I've had dealings with in the process of me securing a new role have been outstanding!

James especially, as he initially contacted me and helped me through every step of the process, provided great help with the interview stage and also being a fantastic "middle man" (for lack of a better phrase) between myself and my new company.

A fantastic recruitment business, a great team and you should be very proud of the work you're doing!

Thanks for everything again and should I need you in the future I'll definitely be back in touch!

Daniel H

Daniel H

Great service - recommended. Very helpful and provide feedback.

Andrew W

Massive thank you Siobhan and team for finding me a wonderful job in a great company!

I have had lots of recruitment agency contact in the past but Siobhan really listened and got me. She lined me up with an interview for a company that fit me exactly.

Thanks a million for all your hard work. I have recommended you to friends.

Louise C

Thank you ever so much for all you have done. Thank everyone there on my behalf and I will definitely recommend people to your company or you to them.

Once again thank you ever so much

Kind regards

Vasileios M


Emma was brilliant in finding me positions to interview for. She tried to find positions that suited my skill-set and personality as well as positions that she knew interested me.

Emma provided me with 'three' jobs opportunities in total over a short period. I only interviewed for two as one of them didn't offer the money that I was looking for but in fairness, the role was ideal. I missed out on the first company I went on interview for but received great feedback and explanations as to why from Emma.

Prior to both interviews I was given good insight to the company. It was 5 months between interviews as Emma didn't want to place me where it wasn't a good fit. Really positive experience throughout and very pleased with the position I now have.


Ben D

Hi good morning,

I'm hopeful you will pass on my comments to James Sample's line manager.

Although I have accepted another role, James' professionalism was a credit to him and your company.

I've met with many recruitment consultants of late, some many years James' senior. James took the time to understand my career to date and matched me to what would have been a 'good fit' for me, rather than just trying to fill a role with no consideration of my history.

Please pass my sincere praise regarding James to his manager.

Kind regards

Simon D

I had the assistance of both James Sample and Siobhan Osborne at F1rst Commercial in finding suitable job roles this year.

Although one job didn't quite work out, both recruiters were professional and communicative.

This is a poorly regulated industry which is overrun by firms which simply match a job description with a CV, but I felt that both Siobhan and James attempted to learn a little about me and the client, before making informed suggestions.

Thank you both

Rachel S

Well James and Emma,

I have to say, I found the experience with you and the result positive, informative and supportive.

You have a good proactive style and are actually interested in the person not just someone for your targets as some can be.

Thanks for your help

Robert P

Hi James

I have to say you have a refreshing approach and unlike most recruitment agencies, you are not inconvenient and impersonal.

Your team have been delightful to work with and I wish you continued success with your approach.

Many thanks to you, Rob and Siobhan - a winning formula.

Kind regards,


Anne M

Just want to say a huge thank you to Siobhan for getting an interview for a great job. She gave me all the preparation I needed for my interview, she understand what I wanted for my next job and she went through interview tips with me too.

She was 100% committed to helping me secure permanent work. She is friendly, hardworking and committed to her job. She is one brilliant consultant you have there at f1rst commercial* and I would recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues who are looking for work.

Thank you once again.

* we couldn't agree more Paul!

Paul R

I will definitely recommend you, you've been so helpful Emma and I'm really excited to get started in my new job!

Thanks again

Alyson F

Siobhan is an absolute star!! She has great people skills and is amazingly punctual as she replies to all emails and calls when she says she will. She's a keeper!

Great recruitment agent who will help anyone find what they want. Can't ask for anything more from a recruitment company.

Many thanks

Jacob K

Hi Sharon

Many thanks for your message and great to hear from you again.

For me things have gone well. Thanks to yourself and team! Within 3 weeks of being hired here I was made Sales Manager.

The role is really interesting and I get involved in all aspects of the work here from participating in equipment design decisions, to manufacturing, to quality and of course sales. So it's an all rounder and anything can happen in a day! Pay wise it turned out to be a lot better than advertised too.

The company is yet again having it's best year in it's history. Which of course is no surprise as i'm working here!

Seriously this was a life saver and I remain grateful to you all for 'finding me' and getting me this opportunity.

I wish yourself and team all the very best and hope we can keep in touch.

Take care & best regards

Peter W


It has been a great pleasure working with you, even though its only been a very short while I have known you, which is a credit in itself as to how quickly you can turn things around. I am very grateful for your hard work in putting me forward for the dream job you have helped me attain. I wish you all the best and I hope f1rst commercial know they have a star of an employee*.

Kind regards

*We 'do' know Muhammad. She's amazing!

Muhammad M

Hi Emma,

(A looonnngggg sigh) congratulations to both of us as we had an equal input!

I would also like to congratulate you and your organisation for the outstanding service. You are a credit to F1rst Commercial. Ultimately, thank you for giving me that opportunity, which a lot of recruitment agencies failed to do.

I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind and warm regards,


Syed A

The F1rst Commercial Recruitment team were highly professional, extremely efficient and ‘bucked the trend’ of the many poorly performing recruitment agencies I had dealt with previously.

Far from the usual tedious waiting game after applying for a role, I was contacted by Jade immediately to discuss my application.

I met with Siobhan who showed a genuine interest in what I wanted out of a new role, rather than attempting to ‘shoehorn’ me into a position for a 'quick win', as many other recruiters had done. I was put forward for interview the next day and received an offer whilst there.

After dealing with around 7 recruitment agencies over the past 5 weeks, the time between meeting with F1rst Commercial and receiving a job offer was just 48 hours.

No nonsense, no jumping through hoops, no territorial approach to their clients and no painstaking processes! Just professional recruitment at its best.

I'd recommended the team highly to other professionals looking for a new role.


Sian P

I would like to say a big thank you to Emma at F1rst Commercial Recruitment for all the help and support she has given over the last few months during the recruitment process. Due to her proactive efforts I have been able to secure the ideal role for both me and my newly expanded family.

From start to finish she has been fantastic and offered me lots of invaluable support and advice that I have no doubt really helped me in getting this role.

Thanks for everything Emma.

Nathan B

THE biggest thank you to Jade!

From when Jade at F1rst Commercial Recruitment first contacted me I felt extremely comfortable having a conversation with her. Shortly after, I went to meet Jade at the offices, which I found to be pleasant and relaxed. Although this was a very nerve racking time for me I felt at ease. I advised Jade my reason for looking for a new job was because I was desperately looking to re locate and needed a job to be able to do so. Immediately Jade assured me she would find a company and position suitable to myself.

Before going for my interview with this company, Jade sent me ‘SO’ much pre interview information which ensured my confidence was at its highest! The company I went for an interview with were very different from any I had ever been to before; they held open evenings/assessment days, so I was very out of my comfort zone.

After 3 interviews and Jades constant support I am so pleased to say I got the job and I am moving within the next few weeks. I cannot say how thankful I am to Jade for not only her professional advice but the personal support she gave, I felt like Jade wanted the job for myself just as much as I did.

Also big thanks to Emma for also putting up with my constant follow up phone calls after interviews!


Samantha P

Hi Ladies

Just a quick email so say a big thanks for helping me in getting my new position. I have to say you were all very professional at every stage of the process; from linking my experiences with the position you put me forward for, to keeping me updated at every stage, to me being offered the position.

I believe the match is just perfect and I am really enjoying each day. I had a one to one with Jane last Friday (end of my first week) and I believe everyone who I had an induction with gave good positive feedback to her.

I have and will continue to recommend you to a few of my colleagues of which I believe one emailed you over the weekend. Once again many thanks.

With kind regards


Tracey T

Hi Siobhan

Just wanted to say thanks a million for putting me forward for the role in billing support. I wouldn't have got this job if it wasn't for you and your professional approach.

You have been fast thinking and provided me with extremely valuable advice towards the role.

I would most definitely use you again if ever I am seeking employment and would highly recommend you.

Kind Regards

Jenny T

Jenny T

I would definitely recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment. I received a call from Siobhan for a job that was a really good match for me. She was really helpful when we met and kept me updated throughout the whole process which took all the stress out of job hunting and I was offered a position in less than a week.

Andy H

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sharon at f1rst commercial recruitment for all her support and hard work.

I have only been out of employment for few weeks and f1rst worked extremely hard in finding me a role that suited my work experience and skills yet helping me find a new challenge at the same time.

Again thank you for your support and all your hard work, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family who may wish take an opportunity to look for their dream career.

Kind regards

Lindsey R

I just want to say thanks for everything, you were great from start to finish. You gave me great advice when I needed it and I would definitely recommend you.

Jonjo G

I would like to take this opportunity to thank F1rst Commercial Recruitment for all thier help in securing a position that I know suits all parties.

I have nothing but praise for the friendly, professional and dedicated work they did with me.

Sharons guidance throughout the whole process was invaluable and lead to me securing the ideal job.

Once again Sharon many thanks.

Chris H

I highly recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment. They did a fantastic job in placing me at my current company. They took the time out to really understand the sort of company that I wanted to work for. They were also very thorough with the preparation that they gave me.

John K

I uploaded my CV to various recruitment sites as I was looking for something new after 8 years continuous employment with the same company.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Emma at F1rst Commercial contacted me with the ideal job opportunity that I was looking for.

Not only was it friendly but there was definitely that personal touch too. It was like Emma had been a friend for years and she was just helping me find a job and not someone I had just started speaking to on the other end of the phone.

I agreed for my CV to be sent to the employer but first of all Emma needed to meet me personally. However, when I was unable to get to her due to commitments in my current position, she went the extra mile to arrange an alternative way of interview via Skype in my lunch hour. This was massively appreciated and was lovely to put a face to the name.

When I got the first interview Emma could not do enough to help me. She contacted me after work on a few occasions to get me ready for my interview with very helpful tips and resource websites to look at.

It was so nice to know that Emma got excited about the interviews with me and helped ease all the concerns that I might have had. Also the response time with feedback was unbelievable! No waiting hours/days! The same happened with the second interview.

When I finally got offered the job Emma was as happy as I was. I will always be so thankful to Emma Harrison for all her time and effort helping me get this fab job. Anyone who Emma has to find a position for, all I can say is that you will definitely not be disappointed.

Thank you Emma you are amazing xxx

Karen N

I could not be happier with how f1rst commercial recruitment dealt with me. Especially working around me; considering I didn’t have a lot of time to spare, they still did what they could to help me find a new job. I would have no problem what so ever recommending them to anybody looking for a new job.

Tim G

Many thanks for your help and support - I can honestly say you are the best recruitment agency I've dealt with. If I hear of anyone else looking for a new position, I'll be sure to send them in your direction!

Kevin K

Due to your support throughout, the process wasn’t too bad at all. I must say it makes a change from the normal phone and forget approach of other agencies. Thanks for your time and efforts.

Jonathan T

Hi Sharon

Just a quick note to thank both you and Jade for the help and support you gave me whilst I was applying for a position.

It was a real refreshing change that someone gave me the back-up that I needed to help me to get this position.

In particular, I would like to thank you both for all the support and preparation you gave me regarding interview advice and guidance and keeping me up-to-date with any feedback and progress.

I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a position. Your caring and exceptional service is second to none! With all my thanks.

Kind regards,


Arthur B

Thanks for this information Jade.

Also I would just like to reiterate how much I appreciate your efforts in finding me this position so quickly.

I am sure you will go a long way in recruitment (you remind me of me when I was younger). It is all about going the extra mile and you have definitely done that for me.

Once again, many thanks!

Wendy C

Thank you to Emma Ardern at F1rst Commercial Recruitment and all the rest of the team for matching me to a fantastic job that I cannot wait to start.

Throughout the whole time I was with F1rst Commercial, Emma was extremely helpful, polite, kept me updated regularly and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process.

I would not hesitate to recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to any of my friends/family or any person seeking work.

Thank You all so much :D

Johanna S

Just wanted to share with people the incredible service I received from ‘F1rst Commercial Recruitment Ltd’ lately.

They approached me about a role they had seen for me and I have since been successful in getting the job. This would have been impossible without their help and input!!

They offered useful and sensible tips for the interview and put a strong case forward for me and went beyond what I could ever have expected from a recruitment company.

I hope to be in this role for a long time but knowing the service they provide is reassuring should, for some reason, this job not work out.

Friendly, efficient and 'with it', sums the firm up perfectly!! (and able to have great banter too!!)

Andy S

Jade took a genuine interest in exactly what I was looking for in a new job and found me an excellent opportunity that really ticked all my boxes.

Throughout the process she stayed in frequent contact with updates, reassurance and advice in a friendly and professional manner. I'm very excited to start my new job on Monday, thank you Jade!

Daniel W

Thank you very much for finding me the perfect job! F1rst (Jade) was very friendly and provided me with the perfect resources for the interview.

The job match that Jade provided was perfect for me, and exceeded my expectations. I was always kept updated and felt that everything was in hand.

Thank you again for finding me the perfect job! I now know where to go if I ever want to find a new job!


Robben H

I have been registered with a few recruitment companies in London and Manchester - F1rst Commercial Recruitment are the first recruitment company to really have helped me in all aspects of my new job. They listened to everything I was looking for and were able to find the right job for me straight away, giving me all the information I needed to know about my new employer and job role. They offered their support from start to finish, right from 'pre interview advice' to a small 'good luck' before the interview. Very personable but professional. I now can't wait to start my new job and would highly recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to any friend looking for a job or looking for an employee.

Lyssa D
Commercial Role

Thank you for providing the best service I could ever have imagined from a recruitment company. You seem to know exactly what kind of job I am looking for. If I am honest, I had not really sat down and listed exactly what I was looking for in my next job and I really should have been better prepared for our meeting. But considering the fact that you have nailed my expectations without me, I am seriously impressed.

Jane V

F1rst Commercial Recruitment offer an excellent service. I was amazed at how quickly they managed to get things to happen. One of the things I found especially refreshing was their honesty and openness in giving constructive criticism and describing their own motivation for wanting to find me a suitable role.

They were able to help me see that many of the skills I had were relevant, which helped me greatly at the interview stage and they kept in regular contact with me whilst I nervously waited to hear from my potential employer. (I got the job and am really enjoying it).

I will definitely be contacting them again in the future if I am ever looking for employment again.

Mattias F

Just a quick message to say thank you for everything you and the staff did to help me get my new position.

The job is fantastic and going really well.

I found the pre interview advice really helpful and used some of your advice during both my interviews.

Thank you all once again.

Simon B

I found f1rst commercial recruitment to be extremely professional and full of enthusiasm. They guided me through the whole recruitment process by providing excellent communication and support. They helped me successfully secure a full time position and I'm extremely excited about the future.

I have worked with previous recruitment agencies before and found the whole process tiresome with call after call about positions of no interest to myself. At f1rst I found this to be the opposite, they truly go out of their way to help you find the right job and give you the confidence in own your skills.

Thanks Jade and Sharon for all your help, I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends.

Shaun M

Jade, I am writing to thank you for the courtesy and interest that you have had in me during the interview process that we have jointly gone through regarding the position of Sales and Marketing Director.

If everyone in the Recruitment industry worked with the same level of enthusiasm and determination as you, the employment world would be a better place. I would also like to say that it is really refreshing how you identify individuals core strengths and link this to job roles.

Once again that you for your advice and support.

Mike Y

Well at long last F1rst (Sharon) found me the ideal job. They listen to you and don't just send you for any job. They matched exactly what I wanted and got to know me very well.

I have used lots of other agencies and felt from the beginning this was a very professional company. I really don't have any hesitation in recommending them to anyone - both as an employer or employee.

It has taken me so long to write this because I have a lovely busy and fulfilling job!

I can't thank them enough for their time and hard work. I can only confirm what everyone else has said about this first class agency.

Sue P

I just want to thank yourself and everyone at F1rst Commercial for the fantastic service you have provided. After looking for a job within the HR sector for a few months and not being successful, I come to you and get the first one I go for! And I don't think I would have done it without your excellent guidance and I am so happy that I could work with yourself throughout the whole process.

After being in my new job for just over a week now I am very happy and the role is just what I was looking for and I cannot thank you enough. Without you I would still be searching.

From our first meeting I felt that you actually cared and I wasn’t just another customer. Every person I have spoken to at F1rst were very friendly, comforting and extremely helpful. I knew that if I had any worries or queries I would be able to get in touch straight away and would get the best advice. The whole process was less stressful than it usually is because of yourselves. Sharon considered all my requirements and as a result I was successful for an excellent position which I hope will lead to great things in the future.

I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance and I would definitely recommend F1rst to anyone!

Amy B

I would like to thank Sharon at F1rst Commercial for all her help in finding me a new job.

Sharon provided an excellent, friendly service and from the first contact she made me feel like I had known her a long time and was very helpful in talking me through the job process, getting to know me and also talking about her background and experiences she'd been through.

I felt very relaxed and not as nervous as I would normally when going for interviews. You found me the perfect job to match my current role and experience. 1st class service all round and can't thank you enough.

F1rst Commercial would be my first port of call if I need you again, fingers crossed I won't.

Thank you & take care

Adele H

After being devastated by being made redundant after 8 years f1rst commercial recruitment has restored my faith in the human race.

Jade has been my ‘best friend’ for the last few weeks and I now have a wonderful position with a wonderful company that I would never have got without them!

Hopefully I will never have to use f1rst again but will keep in touch with Jade and would highly recommend them to everybody.

Thanks soooooooooo much x

Lynne R

I thought f1rst commercial recruitment offered a friendly and professional service. My contact at f1rst commercial recruitment was Emma. She was lovely, very professional yet genuinely interested in making sure that she could find me a suitable job that matched my needs.

She was really helpful and supported me really well throughout the interview process by sending me all the info I needed regarding the interview and she also offered great insight into what the company was looking for in a potential employee.

I am pleased to say that with all their help I was successful in the interview and now have a great job with a great company and my first week has been fab! They are all really great people and it’s a really nice environment to work in. If I was ever to change careers in the future I would definitely use f1rst commercial recruitment again.

Liz D

The service was great, all people I spoke to were helpful and friendly and they found me a job within a week or so.

If I am ever looking to move job again, I will definately get back in touch with them.

Kelly W

I would like to give a huge thank you to the whole team at F1rst Commercial Recruitment! You are all excellent!

You made such a big effort to help me find the perfect career and did not stop until I was successful in doing that!

You are all really great and such a pleasure to talk to when I call into the office or the other way round and I am so glad that I found you.

I couldn't have asked for better service or more information either, everything you did was based on making sure I was 100% informed and happy.

Thank you very, very much I really appreciate all the help and effort and kindness and will tell everyone about you guys!


Caitlin B

Sharon Seville of F1rst Commercial Recruitment assisted me in finding my current role. Throughout the recruitment process I was incredibly impressed with Sharon's professionalism and approach.

In the early stages, Sharon took time to get to know me as an individual and to understand my career objectives. The team at F1rst Commercial Recruitment realise that it is not just about matching skills and experience, but understanding the type of environment and culture you work best in.

Throughout the process I received excellent advice and guidance - All of which I am sure contributed to my successful outcome.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending F1rst Commercial Recruitment.

Steven D

Emma was absolutely fantastic with the way she helped me get a position and a new career.

Her approach was great; she gave me all the information I needed, plus some really good tips for preparing myself for an interview.

She made sure she knew exactly what I was looking for in a new career before she told me about the position to make sure it suited my requirements.

The job match Emma provided was above and beyond what I was looking for and expecting, the salary was higher than I expected and the position was a lot closer to home than I expected… which is all fantastic!

The overall experience I got from f1rst commercial recruitment was just fab and I would certainly recommend the company to anyone I know who is serious about getting a new job or a brand new career.

Thanks again Emma for all your help, you made the daunting process of looking for and applying for a new job run smoothly and I couldn't have wished for a better service and a more friendly and helpful consultant.

Adele D

I would like give f1rst commercial a huge thank you for helping me to find the right role. As a fellow recruitment professional and having worked for and dealt with many recruiters over the years I have to say the service and commitment to finding me the right role was simply exceptional.

The attention to detail, time invested in ensuring they understood my needs and level of service was nothing like I have ever experienced and something I will personally aspire to deliver to my future candidates.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to any friends and if they provide the same service and attention to detail to their clients’ needs then any employer would be lucky to have the opportunity to build a long term partnership with them.

A MASSIVE thank you and best of luck for the future!

James F

Many thanks for all your support in helping me to find a fantastic job opportunity!

I only joined one agency, F1rst Commercial Recruitment and almost straight away Emma found me the ideal job!

They kept me informed and organised all my interviews for me and there was no pushing me into other roles or making false promises about new roles.

They really couldn’t do enough to help and I would recommend them to any one seeking employment!

Tracy J

Jade at F1rst Commercial Recruitment did an outstanding job in placing me at my current company. She took the time out to really understand my needs and then delivered when she said she would. Jade is very thorough with her preparation and makes sure that you are ready to take on any question which could be thrown at you. I really appreciate the time you spent on helping me and all the stress you saved me!

All the best!

Jag G

Dear Sharon & Emma

Having now completed the first couple of months in my new job I felt I must write to offer you both my sincere thanks & gratitude for your part in making this happen.

As you are aware the past few years have not been the best for me. Redundancy in my mid 50’s and the general malaise in the economy compounded the difficulties in gaining employment throughout this time. My re-training and self employment choice was valuable in terms of experience but did not appease the desire to return to the industry where my true passion lay. The path to exploring potential opportunities led me to many recruitment consultants, agencies and job boards which delivered nothing but fine words, ineffectual action and little success.

Then you came along and changed it all. Your candidate research matched me to your clients requirements. Your interview process, advice, guidance, follow-up, consultations, interview preparation and open and honest feedback has been exemplary and I am convinced ultimately enabled me to present myself as a candidate worthy of a job offer, which I received and of course accepted!

The position and opportunity ahead exceeds my expectations, the company, culture and people are inspiring. I genuinely feel very excited now and for the future.

F1rst Commercial Recruitment have proved the exception to the rule, you do what others aspire to do, embrace and guide your client and candidate together through to result. Even if this experience had not resulted in success I am confident that, with your unique approach it would not have been long before I became successfully placed in a position.

My sincere thanks once again and very best regards to you both.


Peter W

F1rst Commercial Recruitment are a pro-active and friendly company. I have been very impressed with the level of information and support they have provided me with during the recruitment process, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new role.

Alison L

On learning that was being made redundant, I was very nervous at the prospect of attending job agencies in order to secure a new position.

I was contacted by Sharon as she had seen my CV which had been circulated on the internet, in order that she could help me find a new job.

On attending the offices of F1rst Commercial Recruitment to meet with Sharon, I was made to feel very at ease by her and felt very comfortable in her presence.

Sharon went through my employment background in great detail in order for her to find the best possible match for me and I felt very confident with her approach.

After returning to work from meeting Sharon that morning, I was informed that she had been able to arrange an interview for me.

I was delighted to learn the following day that I had been offered the position.

How amazing is that - within one and a half days I had signed up, gone for an interview and been offered the position - you could not ask for better!!

Thank you so much for all your help and I would, without any hesitation, recommend friends/colleagues who for whatever reason find themselves looking for new employment, to seek the services of this Agency

Excellent service provided.

Michelle M


I found Sharon and the team at F1rst Commercial to be absolutely brilliant from our very first conversation.

Every single member of staff is very efficient, professional and friendly.

Sharon inparticular helped me out with interview techniques, points on my CV and any other concerns that I had.

She took the time to find out exactly what role I was looking for so they could place me in a role that I enjoyed and therefore would stay for many years.

I must add that I registered with numerous recruitment agencies in the Manchester area, alot of the 'big names'. Most of them never came back to me at all, even when I looked on their websites and saw jobs advertised that I was more than capable of doing. When I called them they were very dismissive... Im sure more people have experienced this too.

F1rst always contacted me to inform me of the jobs they had available and any new jobs they had coming up, they always answered the phone and they always knew who I was. This is a very organised, personally run recruitment agency.

I have recommended F1rst to every single person that I know are currently looking for a job.

At the time when I went to see F1rst, I had been made redundant for the 3rd time and to be quite honest, was very low in confidence. It took Sharon two weeks to lift my confidence and find me the most perfect job, which 3 years on, I am still here....


Karleen B

What a credit to F1rst Commercial Sharon is. I can honestly say that this has been the most pleasurable experience of dealing with a recruitment agency I have ever had. Your standard of professionalism, enthusiasm and support has been second to none. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me.

Diane H

Sharon and Emma have been superb in every way in finding my new role. From day one, explaining the role and arranging my interviews the ladies kept me up to date constantly by phone and email.

Both ladies were extremely helpful and gave me fantastic advice and bundles of enthusiasm in finding me the right role. They both went the extra mile, in my opinion, and a 1st class service was given.

I have dealt with other recruitment agencies in the past, but F1rst Commercial wins hands down. Highly recommended!!

Helen H

I was extremely impressed by the service I received by Sharon and Emma at F1rst Commercial Recruitment.

Their approach was professional, yet warm and friendly putting me at ease. They listened attentively to what I hoped to gain by using their services. The result was a dream job offer, for which I can not thank them enough. My emails and calls were returned promptly and I was kept fully informed of any updates and interview feedback.

Having used various London agencies for similar work I was not given nearly as good and friendly a service, I would not hesitate to use them again and would fully recommend the agency.

Thank you Sharon & Emma!

Jill D

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Sharon and Emma at F1rst Commercial Recruitment who have completely excelled in taking the time to support and help me, not only to find a job role that best suits me, but in helping me pursue my goal of re-locating to Manchester.

When all other recruitment agencies pushed me aside as I didn’t have an address local to Manchester, it was F1rst Commercial who gave me the chance and from the start they never once held the location situation against me. They could see my determination to succeed and helped me in every possible way to pursue what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to be.

It is nice to deal with two people who take such pride and care in their own work in order to give back to others and provide an outstanding service to the candidates they have. I feel like I have gained two life-long friends through all of this and I will be keeping in touch.

I will be recommending F1rst Commercial Recruitment in the future to others as I know the company is well respected; and they will be looked after and dealt with in a professional manner.

You have been absolutely fantastic, I cannot put into words how grateful and thankful I am, it’s been a pleasure having you both involved in such a huge step in my life.

All the best

Lauren F

Emma, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done in getting me a new job. Your agency has been one of the best and friendliest I have used.

Hopefully I will not be needing to use you again, but if ever I do I will definitely use your agency again.

I have already given your details to people I know are looking for new jobs.

Once again thank you very, very much to everyone at F1rst Commercial Recruitment for your help.

Lisa K

I would like to say from the outset that if you are a seeker of opportunity and success then to succeed you must seek the professional career advice and experience from the people who are able to deliver. F1rst Commercial Recruitment Ltd are an outstanding Company and will provide excellent guidance to all job hunters.

I appreciate the great efforts the Company has done in supporting me and I would without any hesitation recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment Ltd as the best in the business employment agency.

James S

Many thanks for your help. I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Lorraine R

I would like to say thank you very much for all of your help and support you gave me for my current role.

The whole experience was seamless, and felt like I was talking to a best friend more than a recruitment service.

Sharon was absolutely fantastic with all the assistance she gave me and was always there to offer any help and support necessary. I would definitely use this service again if I ever needed it. (Though I hope this is not the case as Sharon found me the right job.)

Thanks for all your help and support.

Angela M

Following a recent redundancy I have been talking to and working with a few different recruiters and felt ignored and frustrated.

When Emma at F1rst Commercial contacted me, I was truly impressed from the start. Emma and I discussed a particular vacancy and my requirements for well over an hour on the phone and I have never seen this level of detail before.

When I met with Emma, again nothing was too much trouble or too trivial to discuss and real care was taken over my needs and the match for their client. I am delighted to say we secured a job offer after the first and only job she put me forward for and this is without doubt down the care and preparation spent beforehand.

Having never felt like more than a statistic to other head hunters, I will happily recommend Emma and the team every time. Only out of work for 5 weeks, not a bad result...

Tim M

I'd just like to take the opportunity to give a great big thanks to both yourself and your colleagues for all your help and support over the last few weeks.

Whilst I sincerely hope never to be in this situation again (here's hoping anyway!) I would automatically think of you should the need to find alternative work arise.

Nicola H

When I met with Emma and Sharon at F1rst Commercial Recruitment I was immediately impressed by their professionalism. They were friendly, attentive and really took the time to understand me as a person and also the types of new opportunities that would interest me.

They quickly secured me an interview with one of my preferred companies and made sure that I was fully prepped prior to attending. They kept in constant contact with me and were always available to answer any questions I had or provide me with further information.

I had been working with 3 other recruitment agencies at the same time however none of them compared to the quality of service I received at F1rst Commercial Recruitment. This really was recruitment as it should be done!

I would have no problems whatsoever in recommending them

Bryan S

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the time you spent helping me prepare for my interview. It made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident about the process and your tips came in handy.

I really appreciate the time you spent ensuring that I fully understood the role and the requirements for it and most importantly whether it was a suitable match for me.

Emma R

F1rst are simply the best recruitment consultants I have ever used and I had used many before finding F1rst.

Sharon and the team have a much more genuine, accommodating and personal touch than other agencies and they really do go the extra mile to ensure you have everything needed to succeed.

The time and effort that they put into ensuring I was suited to my role and fully prepared for it is literally second to none.

I have never known an agency like it, they truly and honestly are a cut above the rest.

John R

The level of service I have received from f1rst commercial recruitment has been second to none. I found from my first contact that F1rst were very professional and passionate about finding me the right position and never gave up.

I found this refreshing as from my experience of agencies this is not always the case.

Sharon is a fantastic lady who puts everything into her job and I was very lucky to have met her.

Keep up the good work girls and thank you for your ongoing support.

Karen H

If I am completely honest I was very taken aback by how helpful and understanding f1rst was. I don't think that they could have been anymore helpful in not only finding me a job but also helping me prepare for it. Sharon managed to extend an interview date for me whilst I rushed back from the other side of the country and with her help I was able have a very successful interview.

If there was ever anything I needed or if I had any sort of problem it was very quickly solved by f1rst. All the help was very much appreciated and I would recommend them to anybody who is looking for work.


Sharon and F1rst Commercial are really different to most agencies that I have dealt with. Sharon really helped me prepare for my interview, was very positive and always kept me informed of progress, something that many agencies do not do.

I would recommend F1rst Commercial to anyone. They are professional, supportive and friendly. They really care about finding you the right job.

Julie A

Without a doubt the best Agency I have ever used. Straight from the word GO they helped me every step of the way.

The best thing about f1rst commercial is their efforts to reach the goals that you set, even when they were guiding me into my first interview they never stopped looking for alternatives "just in case".

When I believed that I was right for a job, they believed it too. They do not just look at you as a number but a person and they are always there to contact if you need help.

I will definitely refer them to everyone who asks me about joining an agency.


Michael W

I just wanted to email to say thank you very much for all your help securing me the PA position in Chester.

I can honestly say that this has been the most pleasurable experience of dealing with a recruitment
agency I have ever had. Your standard of professionalism, enthusiasm and support has been second to none.

From our very first telephone conversation throughout the whole process I have felt secure, at ease
and as though you were absolutely working on my behalf. You managed to go above and beyond in dealing with our particular predicament of me living overseas and travelling for interviews and I thank you wholeheartedly for your support and help in all those matters.

Finally, you have also been extremely personable and at no time have I felt like just "a number" as with some agencies.

I hope to deal with you again- albeit when I am recruiting for other positions!

Once again, a sincere thank you for all your help.

Jo D

I would like to say thank you to Sharon for helping me out....for the second time.

I was made redundant on a Friday and by the following Tuesday afternoon I had been offered a job that was a better opportunity, more secure and for more money!

The service is second to none and you will never feel alone throughout the whole recruitment process. I will always recommend anyone looking for job to give the guys at f1rst a call.

Thanks again.

Phil T

I'm absolutely delighted with the offer I have received and would like to thank both you and Deborah for your continued support throughout my recruitment process.

You were both highly professional and incredibly personable throughout, It was a pleasure to register with F1rst Commercial Recruitment and I found the help and support given exceptionally 1st class.

It was through the personal approach given that I was able to prepare efficiently and effectively for both first and second interview, for a Job which I thoroughly wanted.

I would highly recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to all friends and colleagues and it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you both.

Hayley G

I can't recommend F1rst highly enough. I have used them twice now and on both occasions the service was second to none! I have dealt with both Sharon and Deborah who's friendly yet professional attitude made me feel totally at ease and reassured me that they had my best interest at heart.

The vacancies they offered were based on me as a person as opposed to based on my CV and on both occasions I got the job I really wanted!!!

With F1rst I have been treated as an individual... and after my 6 month contract position came to an end, I called F1rst and Sharon actually remembered me from my original phone call, more than 6months prior!

Thanks again for your fantastic service!!

Rebecca C

I am grateful for everything you have done. You made me very welcome and kept me up to speed every step of the way so I knew what was going on with my application. I have been with a few agencies in the past but f1rst commercial recruitment was by far the most helpful.

Shane W

The level of service I have received from F1rst Commercial Recruitment has been second to none.

F1rst gave me excellent advice and support - I was successful in getting a position as a Customer Service Manager and I really believe this was down to their help and encouragement.

I would certainly recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to anyone.

Nigel H

I found F1rst Commercial's approach professional and felt that as a client, I was looked after in a personal way.

Instead of just simply having my CV forwarded to the employer, the face-to-face meeting and phone calls with Deborah prior to the interviews and after were very beneficial and my confidence and drive was kept high.

The job I will be starting is perfect for me. I feel needed as an individual for the first time in a long time and can't thank Deborah enough.

Sonia B

I would like to say a big thank you to Deborah at F1rst Commercial Recruitment for all her encouragement and support whilst I progressed through my interviews. Deborah has helped me to secure my amazing new position and I can't thank her enough.

The service I received was exceptional, I would recommend F1rst Commercial to a person seeking employment or companies looking to fill vacancies.

Thank you for your wonderful service.

Caroline W

I have just used F1rst for the first time and I can honestly say I am amazed with the service I have received. I have always preferred to go direct to the company due to previous experience with agencies.

I spoke to Sharon Seville at length about a particular role I had come across. I received great advice and support from the initial conversation right through to securing the role.

I can't praise Sharon enough for her assistance and also Deborah whom I dealt with in Sharon's absence.

What a wonderful and very professional service F1rst provide. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable and first class at her job.

I will certainly be using them again and recommending to all my friends.

Margaret C

'From the first time I contacted F1rst Commercial Recruitment at the end of August to register my interest in an assignment they were seeking to fill, they were the consummate professionals. Sharon Seville went out of her way to ensure that my skills set and experience were as close a match to the clients requirements as possible.

She fully briefed me on the role, the client's business and the opportunity and provided great support, encouragement and useful interview reminders.

I found the whole experience absolutely fantastic and the culmination was that I was offered the role I was applying for.

I would have no hesitation in recommending F1rst, they were a fantastic support and are a credit to their profession.'

Allan M

I found F1rst Commercial Recruitment to be thoroughly supportive and professional in what was a hectic period for me. They were always available to talk and help you through the stressful experience of trying to get back into the job market and find a job that not only paid, but was matched to your interests and talents. Throughout this process constant information was provided which gave me tips and pointers so that when I had found the job that I wanted, I had the best possible chance of them wanting to employ me as well. I cannot thank F1rst Commercial enough for their efforts and would highly recommend them to anyone in their job hunt as I know that I would not have found the right job for me without their help.

Gareth M

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sharon. I had a bad experience with another recruitment agency and lost all belief and trust in them. Sharon reassured me and I am grateful for all of her help.

Even when I said a job was not suitable, she carried on looking for me and never let me down. Thanks for your help, hopefully I won't be in this position again but if I am you will be my first call :) Thank You.

Sarah L

F1rst Commercial Recruitment are a very professional, friendly and effective agency. They took all my requirements into consideration and found the best job vacancies for me. They were always friendly and gave me very good advice which helped me land an ideal job. I would definitely use them again if I needed to.

Ian K

After searching for jobs for several months with no success I registered with F1rst Commercial Recruitment who quickly put me at ease and gave me confidence in my abilities.

Their bubbly nature kept me positive and determined to carry on when other agency staff were impersonal and they really cared about me and my career.

Clare S

Simply the best recruitment agency I have ever dealt with. Friendly, professional, helpful and prepared to spend time ensuring that you get the position you want and are suited for. Big thanks to Corrine and Sharon for all their help getting me my new position.

Mark J

I found F1rst Commercial to be great, especially with all the help I got! They were fantastic help from start to finish with an office junior role I applied for. They helped me get an interview, helped me prepare for the interview (my first) which helped in every single way because I don't think I would have got the job otherwise!

Thank you it is very much appreciated.

Ellie R

I was contacted by Sharon after sending my CV out to many different companies as I was looking for a new challenge. I had a great chat with Sharon, she was friendly and asked me questions about what I wanted instead of just being offered jobs that I didn't really want. She then found me the position that I was suited for.

She was a fantastic help from start to finish helping me with my C.V, Interview questions and interview techniques. As I was in full time employment, Sharon helped me get an interview for a time that was best for myself.

I have and will recommend friends to F1rst Commercial as they have been the best agency that I have dealt with.

Thanks for your help f1rst!

Philip T

I met f1rst to prepare for an interview that had been arranged for me. I had been searching for suitable employment to work around 3 kids in Full Time education for TWO WHOLE YEARS (so don't give up, just try harder).

F1rst picked me apart with interview techniques, do's and definitely dont's. I took on board what we discussed about strengths and weaknesses, made my strengths stronger and my weaknesses less noticeable.

Even though we both agreed that the role was unsuitable for me, f1rst's guidance has helped me be successful in securing further interviews and being offered two positions, one of which I have accepted.

Thanks f1rst

Jan L

I cannot thank f1rst commercial recruitment enough, in particular Sharon Seville, for getting me my new job. I had been fruitlessly looking for a part time finance position and had submitted numerous CVs, all without hearing anything back from any of the agencies concerned.

From the moment I spoke to Sharon she was helpful and enthusiastic and really pushed for me to be considered for the role. Once I secured an interview I was provided with lots of information to help increase my chances of getting the job. Even when I got the role Sharon still asked for feedback on how the interview went and if I had any comments to make.

I'd highly recommend using f1rst commercial recruitment.

Miriam J

The best!!! Initially I signed up with a number of agencies, constantly being offered jobs that I was only matched to by my CV which wasted my time and the companies looking for staff as they would constantly be sent people that I'm sure they could have found themselves!

Sharon at F1rst Commercial went that extra mile, she spent time discussing my options,'listened to what I wanted and acted upon my wishes. Sharon didn't just come back to me with 12 jobs that vaguely fit my expectations and requirements, she held out for the career job, my perfect job and above my expectations!!

I would recommend F1rst Commercial Recruitment to anybody from Admin to Director, you won't get service like this from anywhere else.

Thanks to everyone at F1rst Commercial.

Samantha C

After seven years with my employer, I was slightly nervous to say the least about the prospect of looking for work in today’s highly competitive environment.

Sharon at F1rst Commercial however, made me feel completely at ease from the first time we spoke. Once she had established that the vacancy was suitable, I met with Sharon to discuss the vacancy, my experience and other information such as interview tips and techniques.

At this point I felt fully confident that F1rst Commercial were not a standard recruitment agency, and that the time and dedication applied solely to me gave me the confidence that they were only putting me forward for a position I was truly suited to.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of F1rst Commercial for a person seeking employment or companies looking to fill a vacancy as their professional service and pro-active attitude are second to none.

Nicola E

Thank you very much to matching me to my new job, I found from our first contact that F1rst were very professional and passionate about finding the right person for the job they advertised!!

On our first conversation, the job role and requirements were explained and I went through a 'mini interview' over the telephone to assess my capabilities to the role!!! F1rst realised that I was a good match to the role and forwarded my C.V. to the company but also gave advice about how best to highlight my relevant skills on my C.V. which I think helped greatly.

They arranged a meeting prior to the 1st interview and this was very good it prepared me and gave me an idea of how the interview may go (as the last one had been a few years ago!!!) It built my confidence and they also gave me further information relevant to the post.

Before each interview F1rst called me to wish me luck and after each interview we would have a discussion to see how it went which I found reassuring.

From the very beginning I found their approach very professional and surprising that they cared so much about matching the right person to the best job for their abilities.

I would like to thank you for all your help and encouragement whilst I progressed through the interviews and which I was successful in and now look forward to a challenging but rewarding job.

I would recommend your agency to prospective employees and employers

Yvette L

I wish to thank you for all the help and assistance you have given me in securing an amazing opportunity.

I consider myself very lucky to secure such a position which has only been achieved with all your help.

Thank you it is very much appreciated.

Edward S

The level of service I have received from f1rst commercial recruitment has been second to none, I was struggling to find work during a difficult time and was approached with a role that I believed really would suit my skills.

So I met up with f1rst who gave me excellent interview tips and advice and also gave me the confidence to go forward for the role, which I was successful in getting and I really believe was down to their help and encouragement.

There was fantastic communication throughout the process and I would certainly recommend f1rst commercial recruitment to anyone.

Laura A

Having been looking for a role within recruitment for a short time, I was becoming rapidly disillusioned with the amount of unsuitable companies that I had come across and wanted to interview me. I had a clear ideal in mind of what I wanted and where I wanted to go, but was struggling to find companies that could offer me those opportunities.

Then I met Sharon Seville, one of the most clued up and intelligent recruiters I have come across. During an initial meeting Sharon was able to distinguish exactly what I required from a role and within 1 week of meeting I was offered a position by the ideal company, who fit the bill exactly of what I was looking for.

I can only express gratitude and my sincerest belief that I have made the right life changing decision.

Bryan F

I found f1rst to be fantastic. They really helped me get the role I was always after, but was having trouble getting through the door. They were always positive, even when I wasn't, always keeping me informed with calls to let me know everything that was going on. I was helped with advice on interviews, even helping with my nerves and giving me the confidence to go in and give it my best shot. I can honestly say that I believe I would never have got the role if it was not for f1rst commercial’s help and support.

I would have no hesitation recommending them to any of my friends or to any company that wants to get the right person for the right job, as they can quickly marry people to the correct role.

Hopefully I will never have to us

Tony G

I contacted f1rst commercial re: a position I saw on line and received a prompt call back where the company found out my requirements and made sure this position would be right for me and right for the employer.

I found this refreshing as from my experience of agencies this is not always the case. They made sure I was fully prepared for my interview and were very professional but also very friendly. Through my preparation and the help of f1rst, I was able to secure the position and I would go on record to say f1rst commercial were the most professional and the best recruitment agency I have dealt with by a country mile.

Dave J