Well, it’s that time of year where flowers, chocolate, Prosecco are all greatly received from lovers.  It’s a time to reflect on a relationship and think about what makes it special, why we love the people we love and what would we do without them? Of course that isn’t always the case but those that are ever optimistic, always see a silver lining no matter what. (We speak from experience).

But is it just lovers that get to show their appreciation of each other on the ‘love day’?  People are at the core of ‘all’ business.  Large or small, manufacturing or service, without people, let’s face it; businesses wouldn’t be able to operate (for the most part anyway).

So what do businesses do to ensure they show appreciation for their staff and what can they do on a day like today?

Well, if you don’t tend to tell your team that they do a great job, (we know they don’t always do a great job but it isn’t always the day of love or appreciation either is it?) try and tell them today.  Be thankful for what they do above and beyond.  Praise where you can and remind them that the value they bring to your business, doesn’t go unnoticed.

We’ll be saying thank you to our team today. We’ll be finishing early and buying lunch for them….. Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make the biggest of differences.  It doesn’t have to cost the earth (or a dozen red roses!)….. Well, maybe a box of chocolates!

Happy Valentine’s Day businesses everywhere.

Happy Valentine's to all Businesses