A new workplace survey from CareerWallet has revealed that a staggering 34% of people will look to change jobs in the New Year. If this actually happens, this will represent a seismic shift as it represents 10 million people!

The survey goes on to reveal that 37% want to change jobs because they want more pay. But there are other important reasons too: 23% feel contempt for current colleagues, 20% are driven to move by a negative culture, and 18% dislike their line manager.

Recent data from the REC’s Labour Market Tracker shows that there are high numbers of vacancies and huge demand for candidates from employers. So, if you want to move jobs at the start of 2023, it would appear that everything is favourable for you to do so. But should you? Here we look at why early 2023 is an excellent time to change jobs.

1.     It’s the way to better pay

If you are one of the 37% wanting to change jobs for better pay, you get it. The only way to really secure a sizeable pay rise is to change employers. Internal pay jumps are typically modest. With a new job, with a new employer, you can expect to negotiate a bigger jump. As the squeeze on our personal pockets continues with the cost of living situation, moving jobs makes excellent financial sense.

2.     There’s high demand but it might not stay that way

At the moment, unemployment is low but demand for staff remains high. As such, it’s a great time for candidates. You have much more choice and much greater negotiating power. If you become a job candidate in early 2023, you can be sure that – with the right support – you’ll be snapped up quickly.

But, as the recession develops, that might not be the case later on. Typically, employers gradually become more reticent to hire as recessions develop, even if we know that having the right talent is the key to their ability to navigate harder times. They may turn to temps to help, but permanent roles become less popular. So, if you want to make a move, do it now!

3.     Life is too short for negative work experiences

If the last few years have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that we need to make the good times happen and not waste time being unhappy. As an employee, your experience is largely determined by the workplace culture and your line manager. If you are one of the people thinking of moving because of these issues, then stop procrastinating and start doing. The simplest way to fix line manager and culture clashes is to move on and create a fresh start.

4.     New cultures are becoming more settled

2022 was an unusual year as we found our new normal. Most workplaces went from high levels of remote working to having the three line whip drawn to being back in the office, with many finally settling on a hybrid model. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Some people love to be in the office full time, some love hybrid working, and some like fully remote. Workplaces have settled into their patterns now. Therefore, if the current arrangements at your workplace don’t suit you, 2023 is the time to move to find exactly what you are looking for. There’s less risk it will be changed on you again.

At F1rst Commercial Recruitment, we see that demand from employers is high. We’re here to support candidates as they begin a job hunt in 2023. It’s a great time for candidates, so take advantage of it and use the next few months to launch the next step in your career.

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