Scott. P. joined Express Solicitors in February 2013 as an Enquiries Assistant in our New Client Team. This was a new position for Express, as our New client Team was previously staffed only by Legal graduates. Express Solicitors made the decision to bring in staff with a sales / service background, as we wanted to focus on delivering excellent customer service as well as specialist legal advice. Scott has introduced different skill sets into the New Client Team and the positive impact has meant that Express Solicitors has continued to employ staff without a legal qualification alongside those who do.  As a result the New Client Team now consists of 5 Enquiries Assistants who are without a legal qualification.

In July 2013, Scott was promoted to a Team Leader position, since his promotion, Scott has maintained his positive attitude and leads by example in all elements of his role.  He is passionate about succeeding and progressing in the firm, recently being identified by one of the partners as having management abilities. Scott is a sterling example of an Express employee: focused, diligent and above all passionate about helping injured people.

 Express Solicitors were pleased to work with Jade at F1rst Commercial and would recommend their approach to other employers looking for high quality staff

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I take great pleasure in highly recommending the professional recruitment services of F1rst Commercial. My initial introduction to the company is typical of their proactive approach in providing skilled professionals to the creative and construction sector.

We (CDS-Wilman, a multi skilled design and build studio based in Salford Quays, specialising in the hospitality sector) placed an advertisement on our website seeking talented interior designers with a very specifics set of skills. Shortly after placing this advert we were contacted by Emma Harrison of F1rst Commercial Recruitment who informed us that she may have a good match candidate, based on our advert. Following a very friendly, relaxed and non-pressured consultation meeting with Emma and the F1rst Commercial Director, CDS agreed a competitive commission rate and began receiving multiple candidate CV’s.

CDS were immediately assigned a Key Account Manager and primary point of contact at F1rst Commercial (Emma Harrison) which has made all recruitment associated inquiries exceptionally efficient and well managed. In addition to this, it is clear that the staffing support system within f1rst commercial is substantial, and has been able to deal with our fluctuating, and sometimes very quick, staffing requirements. Emma is relentless in her quest to understand the intricacies of our business and all associated specifics we look for in the people we hire. F1rst Commercial understand the importance they play in forming the professional and social dynamic of our complete work force. It is clear that Emma and her team have a vested interest in the entire success of the business and not just the placement of a single candidate in isolation. This has been demonstrated through several of the F1rst Commercial recruits securing promotion and substantial career development opportunities within our organisation.

The 18 month relationship has been a complete professional pleasure with regards to all our recruitment requirements. To date we have employed and retained 12 new members of staff  through F1rst Commercial including; space planners, architectural technicians, junior designers, quantity surveyors, interior designer, creative designers, construction managers, site engineers and project coordinators. All have successfully passed their 6 month probation period and have proved to be a great asset to the company. Emma and the f1rst commercial team always pre-interview and validate every candidate to ensure their suitability to the advertised position and all of this is done prior to presenting the candidate for a company interview.  This results in a narrower, more suitable list of individuals being proposed and has dramatically increased the productivity and efficiency of our internal interview process.

My previous experience of recruitment companies left me feeling short changed and opting for the DIY approach. Subsequently I have always associated recruitment with the time consuming and often frustrating process of placing adverts on multiple platforms, filtering CV’s, accessing skill sets, reviewing portfolios, conducting interviews and formalising job offer specifics. Emma and the team at F1rst Commercial manage every aspect of the recruitment process from advert to appointment. We are now able to confidently focus on the continuous growth of our business with the assured support of F1rst Commercial as our preferred recruitment consultant partner.