Public Health England (PHE) will this week recommend that employers introduce ‘walking meetings’ outside the office to reduce stress, back and neck pain in the workforce.

PHE CEO, Duncan Selbie will say that sitting at a desk all day is “haemorrhaging productivity. Move more, get up and about — walking meetings. I don’t just mean in the office, go out for a walk, get some fresh air for a meeting. We are very keen on short bursts of energy.”

Selbie said firms would benefit from getting their employees to spend less time sitting in a chair and more time moving around.

We think this is a great idea! We have a ‘stepper’ in our office and an alarm that goes off every hour and for those that want to, we jump on it and do 100 steps. It takes us away from sitting on our backsides and the computer, it creates a bit of healthy competition, it gives us a bit of a boost and to top it off…… you know what they say about that first step………. you can eat more cake because of it!!