From an early age we’re told not to believe everything we read in magazines or see on the telly – especially when it comes to advertisements. This taught behaviour means that it can be difficult for companies to pitch themselves to potential customers without sounding like they’re fabricating the truth.

People like to see that other normal people, like themselves, have tried and tested a product or service before they invest their own time and money into it. You can read reviews before booking a hotel, buying a new gadget or choosing a new hairdresser, and most people do, because they help to make an informed decision – and it’s the same for testimonials. When someone decides to write a testimonial they do so because they want to share their experience of the company with others. A testimonial is an unbiased and honest review from one user to another which means that, most importantly, it’s credible!  Every single one of our testimonials can be traced back to their original email source so we can ‘prove’ they are all traceable and genuine. We don’t’ tell people what to say, other than how they found our service.

We’re great… but don’t have to just take our word for it! Read our testimonials here by clicking on the following images:

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